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Mon, 27 May 2024 GMT
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Welcome to my own SiliconGraphics collection
if you're watching this page you also probably are interested in Silicongraphics
computer, workstation and servers as I am.
I started my own collection 5 years ago, buying my first Indigo
on ebay. Ebay is my preferred place where to buy SGI machines because they comes, usually,
for cheap prices. What sometimes scares me or blocks me is when I have to 
buy heavy systems like Octane (that is the second SGI i had) from overseas.
Easly understand why, customs and shipping.
During last two years by the way, its easier to get nice machines from Europe.

Sad but true, i only had three, of all my computers, from Italy. Here it seams that people
prefers to use their old SGI computers as "door locker" instead of giving 'em away to
persons (geek? nerds?) like me that gives a proper house, a shower :) and a really nice new setup
to those computers.

Anyway, I must admit that I'm really proud of my own SGI computers, my latest octane2 is my main workstation
at home, and the Challenge S is my main gateway and server at home as well.

I wont get you bored more than this... have a nice tour, if you like, into my own collection, and feel free to ask me
any question about any machine, sending me an email.

I'm always happy to find new people, specially when from Italy, that loves such computers that made the computer graphics
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