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Fri, 02 Jun 2023 GMT
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Welcome to my website
Hi and welcome to my personal website.

I redesigned the website and it might be usefull to let you know that 
the menu must load the submenus (i know, it can be boring). so when you choose a category, for example,
you must then select the sub category as well, and if any, the even lower menu sub category.
for example in the "my son jason" section this are the steps:
my son jason->2004->12 (for example), this operation needs 3 click and 3 loads of (apparently)
the same page. once the menu is loaded is also cached, so the loading pause will be
less noticable.

I used PHP and mySQl to develop this website, and CSS for the stylesheets. I used no Tables as it was my
intention to learn CSS and how they works. For the same reason, this website is not compatible with many old browser
like Iexplore 5.5 and others.

I rezised all the old images to get 'em bigger, for this reason a resolution of 1024x768 is NEEDED to browse
this website.

Every information contained in this website, is result of my immagination or from external sources and can be absolutely wrong, 
I'm sorry for any mistake I have done and please contact me and I'll correct.

Even my english is not perfect, so I just hope you can understand what I'm trying to say :)
This website wont be like a blog, but instead is like a collection of pictures, about me, my job, my son and my computers.
not much will be wrote actually, except from technical information about computers. Anyway I'll try to keep
posts about Jason's lifesteps, then Gael's lifesteps, about my computers, and maybe the website will become a sort of blog.

ther's a guestbook where you can write your opinions and critics to my website or just sign after visiting my website.

for any question about me and about this website (and what's contained in this website) please contact me
using one of the method you can find in the "contact" section.

many thanks and.. i hope you will enjoy it.


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